What Makes Us Unique

American Clean Energy is responsive to the needs of our customer.  We recognize that every customer requires a custom solar solution. We will use the right equipment for the job so that your company’s situation is satisfied.  We create Win-Win Solutions.

We invest our own money in every solar installation

  • This provides assurance that, as an owner, we demand nothing less than the best possible value and performance from our investment. This ultimately translates to more savings for you.
  • Some Solar PPA providers are simply looking to sign you up and then sell off the project to whoever wants it. We are in it for the long haul and as a result provide superior performance, maintenance and monitoring.

Our people deliver

  • We are driven to delight our customers by surpassing expectation.
  • We truly understand the energy marketplace after years of experience developing it.
  • We have participated in shaping government policy initiatives and regulations.
  • We have extensive knowledge of the renewable energy industry and technologies.
  • We have intimate knowledge of real estate ownership, development, planning and permitting.
  • We understand complex electrical and mechanical design and construction.
  • We recognize the value of long-term customer relationships.
  • We value collaboration with customers, vendors, suppliers and regulators.

Our flexible ownership model guarantees a financial fit

  • With a PPA installation, American Clean Energy builds, owns, operates, and maintains the solar installation at our cost.
  • With a Turnkey sale, American Clean Energy builds and the customer finances and owns the installation. We can also operate and maintain the facility for a fee if desired by the customer.
  • With Hybrid ownership, American Clean Energy builds and owns the facility in partnership with the customer. This allows the customer to retain some of the upside potential of the investment benefits, even if they are not interested in investing the entire amount required by the project.

Our technology experts bring you the best in the world

  • While solar photovoltaic science and manufacturing have been around for over 30 years and are well understood, innovation is occurring every day, improving price, performance and integration.
  • We are supplier agnostic giving us the ability to choose the BEST solution from the BEST providers at the BEST value.

Our web enabled monitoring gives you “anywhere” visibility

  • Provides current and historical production, environmental impact, operating status and condition.
  • Dedicated display for customers and employees.
  • Interactive internet or intranet display capability for customers and stakeholders.

Our co-marketing efforts help you gain stakeholder visibility

  • We are sensitive to our customer’s brand image and public reputation.
  • Our project data will provide valuable information for you to share with your stakeholders regarding your environmental responsibility.
  • We will work with you on integrating our solar project into your overall marketing efforts and provide advice on how to effectively demonstrate your involvement in the renewable energy space.

We Are Driven to Delight Our Customers By Surpassing Expectations

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